The Zone @ 91-3 is excited to team with Big Wheel Burger to nominate an outstanding teacher each month.

Tell us about a fantastic teacher in your life in the form below.

Once a month, we`ll draw one teacher and the student who nominated them to receive a $50 GC from Big Wheel Burger! Additionally, each student in that teachers’ classroom will receive a $10 gift certificate to Big Wheel Burger.

Enter now and you will be guaranteed a coupon for free fries and pop with purchase of any burger from Big Wheel Burger at the end of the month.

Congratulations to Angie Sanchez , The Zone’s Teacher of the Month for November 2018

Sarina says:

“I have an incredible teacher (and she doesn’t wear a red spandex uniform!).

Almost every morning she takes our class on an adventure up Christmas Hill to get fresh air before we start math.

She puts on upbeat music during self reading or art time. She used to be the schools music teacher and she always incorporates music into our daily activities.

She knows all of us personally and never mixes up our names. She’s not strict but sometimes she does have to raise her voice to get us to simmer down. Near the end of the day she usually gives us extra time outdoors to play or she puts on a dance song for us.

She is tons of fun and she is my favourite teacher ever! (And she brags to the other teachers that we are one of her favourite classes!)”



Congratulations to Tara Baird, The Zone’s Teacher of the Month for October 2018

Fraser and his mom say:

“Teacher extraordinaire Ms. Tara Baird, has an infectious energy and a devotion to every single student in her class. She greets each one of them individually everyday into her classroom, getting them ready to learn, not just academically, but by creating a feeling of community and security.

She has a quirky reptile in the class named Gandalf that garners affection from all, as well as a therapy dog that comforts and draws interest from students within the classroom environment. She knows the value of the outdoors and brings the kids on multiple nature walks and experiences throughout the week.

The community is lucky to have such a committed teacher working with our kids.”


Congratulations to Laura Biggs, The Zone’s Teacher of the Month for September 2018

Ryan says:

“Laura Biggs, an instructor at the Pacific Horticultural College is a walking saint. She has taken a motley crew of rowdy 20 somethings, and turned us into full plant nerds. Laura Biggs has guided our class through the murky mists of Botanical science, into the muddy lands of Soil knowledge, and the intimidating halls of Plant Health. Every step of the journey she has made interesting and approachable. Laura Biggs innovates ways to help the dense chunks of information take root in our knowledge banks and help us as we step forward into the real world of horticulture.

I can picture no one else who could achieve what Laura Biggs has done with our class. We would all feel lost without her presence as an instructor. She is the northern star of our learning experience so we can navigate these dangerous waters masterfully”.