Band of the Month (January 2018) :: Sweeet Action

Jan 01, 2018 webmeister Bud


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  1. Wow dudes this is what Vic music has fricken come 2. Always excited about you band of the month. Pretty much good most times??? Are you guys turning into a classic rock station as it seems your band of the month are trends? Ive watched live 100 other bands that destroy this.

    • Hey, Stewart! Sorry this Band of the Month doesn’t appeal. Be sure to check back for future bands of varying styles all year, and thanks for being a Zoner! =) webmeister Bud

    • Howdy, Risa! Cool name.

      Each song can be listened to by clicking the play button, or use the download link above the play bar to listen another way or download it to your device for unlimited listening.

      I hope that helps! =) webmeister Bud

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