Win passes to our Private Midway Party at the Saanich Fair!

Aug 20, 2016 Allie Bowman


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  1. The day before yesterday Dylan n Jason did 5 in 10 and it was name 5 jams…. Today it was name 5 cheeses. I’ve been trying for the last week and yesterday I finally got through and I get Name 5 Gene Wilder movies!!! The guy hasn’t made a movie since I was 10 years old!!
    I don’t even want the passes for myself… My sister in law, her husband and their kids are just barely making ends meet these days and they have told us that they can’t afford the fair again this year (they missed last year as well) and I thought it’d be awesome if I could win them some tickets. I’m going to keep trying my best but if I get through again please give me Name 5 animals with 4 legs or 5 things to eat at the fair or something other than name 5 equations commonly used in advanced algebra in alphabetical order.

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work

    Trevor (life long zoner)

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