The Reason Behind the Puzzle Pieces on Douglas St.

May 21, 2016 Jenny West


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  1. This does alter my opinion slightly; as much as I appreciate that there is a need for autism awareness, there is also the need for autism acceptance. I am of the mind that there are people who feel that autism must be understood and cured, but as someone living on the spectrum I feel as though I am being slightly threatened by this. It means that I am less than human, and less that perfect under what these people are trying to do. I understand that the DVBA was trying to do a good thing by brightening up the neighbourhood and the city as a whole, which is to be applauded, but I believe that the could have been better spent on funding those folks who are on the spectrum. I think I will have to avoid the intersection when I can because it will be a reminder that I am not neurotypical, and that I will be somehow less than others because of it.

  2. Personally, and not wanting to be an old curmudgeon, and also wanting downtown to become a better place for all…I do not like this! In my opinion it is kinda like a carnival going on downtown…add the street people doing crack dances…store fronts closing…weird stuff going on all over the place (illegal parties, public drinking, more litter) this does nothing to ameliorate the situation.
    Instead it’s an invitation to do whatever you want to do in downtown Victoria…why not openly invite all taggers and graffiti artists to get out their painting tools and get to work…you’d achieve the same result without it costing the overburdened and hard working tax payers any money, especially money that could be used for better purposes….BTW really do NOT know how this increases awareness of Autism…can someone explain this to me?

    • You are speaking a lot of sense, oink graffiti artists could do a way net artistic thing with the streets of downtown Victoria. I haven’t yet seen it. And I also don’t think that the government should have spent money like this. Although I do like the art yard it could have been done by anyone willing to be artistic. For free! But I do like that the streets of Victoria are looking a bit brighter than they use to as I always thought it looked dull and boring.

  3. Victoria is already one of the most “walkable” cities out there. Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for raising awareness for good causes. But why are we putting thousands of dollars into painting our crosswalks every year when we have other major problems to put money into (homeless problem, tent city, Johnson st bride, Mackenzie overpass, To name a few). The rainbow pride crosswalks that were painted last year cost over $14,000!!!! Couldn’t that money be used for a better purpose?

  4. Without any explanation. I wonder how many people associate the puzzle pieces with autism, and even if they do, how this benefits the cause.
    As an art piece it is a good way to “liven up the place” and I would actually like to see more. Maybe once we start enjoying our city again, we will make the effort to address some of the other many problems.

  5. To be honest people are already very aware of people with autism so I don’t get how the puzzle pieces in the middle of the street downtown is supposed to raise awareness also don’t get what that has to do with the mural and painting bus stops yellow and garbage cans the that bike rack on Yates honestly seems like a waste of tax payers dollars if you ask me Trudeau needs to wrap his mind around the cities major issues like police brutality the unlawful justice system as well as tent city and the homeless people

  6. Being someone who walks every where (cause transit is to costly for such poor service.we should talk about that! ) I am concerned about the cross walks no longer being clearly marked and drivers hitting the pedestrian in the the cross walk and the legalities that go with the cross walk no longer being CLEARLY marked.It will also cause distracted driving. I worry for my safety crossing there now. there are other ways to get your cause heard.. Lastly i am sorry but one persons idea of good art is another persons trash and I just can not support what they have done to the roads and side walks.It is a hazard.

  7. Haters be hatin and I know at least one Autistic person who just doesn’t care. Some people will like it and for the right reasons or not and some people will hate it for the same reasons, WELL whadayagonna do. Looks like fun and, sure its probably overpriced, but hey if the city came to me and asked me to paint somthing I would probably overcharge them.

  8. I love all the new colour downtown! Love rainbow crosswalks and public art which we need much more of though how this ties to ASD I’m not sure, but now we know. You know some parts of town are a little stuffy and some parts are getting kind of shabby… the DVBA is to be commended for all of their innovative and inclusive projects. They unite all the different pockets and ethnicities in the city and create a vibrant walkable downtown core. More food festivals please…not the $85 a ticket ones but food trucks, music, and affordability like Folkfest once was. It’s time to bring it back.

  9. A waste of money in a city that caters to people in tent city.The money for this art should have gone to moving the so-called homeless out of there and renovating what they have destroyed.

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