The Zone Staff

L-R back: Marlon, Jeremy, Jon, Pol, Dylan. L-R front: Tindy, Jason, Bud, Jade, Bryan, Allie, Dan.
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Staff photos by Lillie Louise photography.

Dylan Willows

Hi, I'm Dylan! I'm the host of the Morning Zone, along with Jason Lamb.

People often ask me if Jason and I really disagree and fight as much as it seems on the air.

The truth is, no. We don't. We get along just fine and are great friends.

Jason is kind of like the Kate to my William, or the Cheech to my Chong, or the Sedin to my Sedin... No, that's not true...

He's more like the jalapeno pepper to my taco. He's mostly enjoyable, but ends up being a big pain in the butt.

I also produce events and love being active. I'm an Aries.

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Jason Lamb

Hi, I'm Jason! I co-host the Morning Zone, along with Dylan Willows.

People often ask me if Dylan and I really disagree and fight as much as it seems on the air.

The truth is, no. We don't. We fight much, much more.

Dylan is kind of like the Bertram to my Stewie, or the Jabba to my Han, or the Osama to my Obama... No, that's not fair.

He's more like the Chef Ramsay to my cheese. He grates me, but I'm better for it.

I also host the Punk Show on The Zone @ 91-3, and perform stand-up comedy. I'm a Scorpio.

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Pol Plastino

Rock & Roll
Pirates & The Sea
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Canaries & Cardigans
Garcon & The KRAKEN
Flaming Pie & Cartoon Jesus
Exquisite Passion & Swimming
Expensive Haircuts & Cheap Cigars
Wayfarer Sunglasses & Space Ships
Chuck Taylor Basketball Shoes & Coffee
Super Mario Bros. & Victoria Royals
Short Pants & Hammocks
Convertibles & Swords
Dinosaurs & Freedom
Dirty & Wet

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Jeremy Baker

Bicycles. Bourbon. Cilantro. Coffee. Cumin. Desert. Explorers. Freedom. Hondas. Jeeps. Laughing. Medieval: Total War. Morning after. My babies. Narwhals. National Geographic. Nature. Nerds. Non-Fiction. Pacific Ocean. Penguins. Pickup trucks. Pregnant bellies. Radio. Rain. Rock 'n roll. Root beer. Scooters. Serato. Time travel. Trench warfare. Victoria. Vinyl records. Walking.

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Morning After blog

Jon Williams

Hi! I’m Jon. Truth be told, I don’t like writing about myself. Here’s what Zoners say:

Tia: "Basically Batman, except British and likes to rap."

Chelsea: "A warm-hearted, hilarious, friendly Brit who's always involving himself in the local happenings (especially when it's music related)!"

Zofia: "Jon is a sultry-voiced Brit, whose passion for radio is outmatched only by his kind spirit. He's the guy everyone wants to know, dedicated to fostering positivity and spinning great tunes."

Dylan: "1) The kind of awesome guy you'll want to be friends with. 2) In a three way tie for the best English guy you'll meet in Canada."

I’m done here.

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Tea Time

Jade Nixon

I'm Jade. I like music and radio more than your average bear. I have tattoos.

Other than loving radio, I like:

• playing guitar
• Josh Homme
• comics
• cooking gluten-free vegan meals
• cartoons
• good friends
• biking of all kinds

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Marlon Martens

Loving life on the Island. 

Helped my son catch his first fish, and my daughter build her extensive sea shell collection.

Born: Murrayville BC

Status: Married, 2 kids

Hobbies: Guitar, Fitness & Fishing

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Victoria Royals updates

Dan Ball

Dan is a party wizard. Having a get together? A social gathering? He will appear out of nowhere to spread fun times to everyone.

This makes him perfect to be the Zone Ranger. When he isn't out cruising everywhere in Victoria, you can find him touring the universe with his band "Acres of Lions."

He has a passion for live music, good beers, beards, and always having the best time possible. If you look hard enough you'll probably see him out tonight.

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Bryan Capistrano Boitano

Bryan ("Boitano" if you're nasty) is sometimes referred to as the father of The Zone family. Not because of his leadership role at the station, but mostly because he's yelling at Pol Plastino not to play in the street.

When he's not Music Director-ing, he's a father to his own little Zoner. He's also been lucky enough to apply a 15-year hobby and passion of his (DJ'ing) to his radio career. He's the creator of The The Zone's Mixtape - a 40-minute DJ mix show that mashes up various rock songs and remixes. It airs Friday afternoons at 5:00 pm.

Aside from music and parenthood, Boitano hopes to one day reach his life-long goal: to become a Jeopardy Teen Tournament Champion...the Teen Tournaments are the only episodes where he can look like a rocket scientist (and he'd only win if ALL the categories contained Saved By The Bell trivia).

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The Zone's Mixtape

Tindy Bassi

She could have been a detective on Law & Order (she watches it enough).

She could have been a race car driver (she looks hot in coveralls).

But following in the tradition of her spicy, beautiful and generous Indian predecessors, Tindy graces The Zone as the "Benevolent Queen of The Free Stuffs."

That's right. She's the one whose mad skillz ensure there are tickets to give away, parties to attend, concerts to rock out at . . . and, speaking of rocking out, there she goes shifting it into fifth gear on the dance floor again.

She can’t stay still, our Queen of Free.

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Allie Bowman

There are very few things you need to know about Allie to confirm her powers of Super-Cool: She dressed as Ray Charles for Hallowe’en at age 5.

At age 7 she used a tiny Swiss Army knife to impress the class with her whittling prowess.

She could have become a vampire slayer, she could have spent her life lounging in a small Mediterranean town, she could have turned to the Dark Side and used her super-skills for evil. But her life was saved by rock ’n roll.

And now, Allie uses her powers of Super Cool to spread the gospel of great music . . . and get down.

One more thing: don’t ever challenge her to a dance off. You’ll lose.

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webmeister Bud

Who needs a traditional bio? Bud figured a haiku would help grind his feng shui.

Zone resident geek.
Code, pixels, cameras, gaming.
That’s webmeister Bud.

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