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My name is Luna and I am a free spirited pup who likes to play dirty. Rolling in mud is one of my favorite things!

I am just over a year old, and sometimes too smart for my own good. I love hiking, swimming, and of course chasing the ball.

In my short life I have gone on many road trips in BC and Alberta, I can’t get enough of new adventures. When I am not playing I love to snuggle with my Mom and Dad.

I also give lots of kisses and love to lick ears!!

Here are our Pet Photobooth runners-up for September!

Pets chosen for our big photobooth pheature win $75 from Pets Choice (their humans can pick up the gift certificate from The Zone because animals are not yet licensed to drive . . . although Bailey may be the first), on Jacklin Road at Goldstream. Runners-up each receive $30 from Pets Choice.

We’re going to give Pet Photobooth a rest after September, so no entries this month, but do enjoy the cuteness and, if you’ve submitted your pets in the past, thanks!


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