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My name is Princess Bailey McPoopyPants and I’m a girl who loves to have fun. I might be short but I am 12 lbs and 3 feet long from my nose to the tip of my tail.

I love to go fishing with mom and dad. My favorite part is when we catch a fish and they let me lick it to make sure it’s edible – I have a good knack for these things. I go hiking, biking, power walking, sniffing, canoeing, and any other kind of outdoor activity.

I am only a year old, but mom and dad say that I might be able to get my driver’s license soon (see pic – I’ve been practicing). Not only do I love to be outside and play, but I also love to snuggle up next to my family and relax.

I really love my family but I am especially fond of daddy right now because he saved me from a cougar (that was about to eat me) by punching it in the face.


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