We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of the Donald Trump rallys around the states.  Mostly it seems like they’re shouty, angry affairs.  They seem like they’re constantly being interrupted by protesters – who then are roughly ejected, often being what seems like full-on assaulted by supporters on the way out.  Things were taken to a whole new level recently when Trump asked supporters to raise their right hands to him and swear to vote for him, even if there were “hurricanes or whatever”.

Donald Trump on Saturday led a mass rally in taking a pledge affirming their commitment to voting for him, and vowed to broaden existing laws regarding the interrogation of captured terrorist suspects.

The frightening imagery seemed to be almost on purpose on the part of Trump, like a response to those who have been drawing parallels between him and Hitler.  “Oh i’m Hitler, am i? I’ll show YOU Hitler!”

A Zoner named Owen texted me earlier this week and said he actually had the opportunity to attend a Trump rally and out of sheer curiosity – went for it.  Listen to our chat and his description of the scene here:

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