My day has been a frustrating one, the bipolar has been trying to get me riled up over small mistakes. But then I got an email from James, and we got to small talking.

“Heyya Jon, rockin it out to the zone at the Fort de Saint-Louis on the shores of the St. Lawrence!”

>Awesome! Thanks for this James. Why do you listen from over there? Are you originally from here? 🙂

“Hey Jon,

Long time Zoner, from the island and over here for an expedition. Touring the city while thinking about home..

Have you heard of ?
This Zoner has been chosen to represent canada with the Norwegians as we sail from Quebec City to Chicago.. Not a lot of people on the west coast have heard of this Viking invasion but it’s happening right now! And for a sailor, this is like a NASCAR fan winning a tour with a NASCAR team!

Send some good vibes my way as I head to Quebec and represent the West Coast Canadian sailors!

I have more info if you are interested.”

>James, call me RIGHT NOW.


And call me, he did.

Here’s our chat! 😀

For more info on his expedition, CLICK THIS, and do come back. I’ll post updates of this amazing trip right here at The Zone dot fm.

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