Today on the Afternoon Zone;

A Zoner named Britt texted me this afternoon, a little late for Shout-outs, but wanted to share…

Hi Pol- don’t know when your shout out are but… Shout out to “Ryan” for leaving me a great note on my windshield yesterday at cook st RBC parking lot! Shout out to random acts of kindness and compliments!


It’s silly but you never know whose day you might make! Thought I’d share because we could all show more kindness! To another! Even strangers. 

Just wanted to send it out to universe via my fav station to inspire others to be courageous and give a stranger a compliment!

Ryan, next time leave a ten-spot so she can get a drink or some mozzarella sticks! Meantime, good work spreading some positivity – glad it was taken in the best way! – Pol 


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