The latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary has added a new batch of words, including such Millennium-friendly ones like “YOLO,” “biatch” and “moobs.” Here are a few CNN highlighted, with the full list at:

  • Fuhgeddaboudit: As in, don’t even bother. Example: If you’re trying to get across downtown Atlanta before a Falcons game, you can fuhgeddaboudit.
  • Freemium: A business model that offers a product free but charges for special features.
  • Moobs: Man boobs.
  • Uptalk: When the tone of your voice goes up as if you were asking a question.
  • Gender-fluid: When someone’s gender identity shifts between masculine and feminine.
  • Non-apology: When you’re sorry not sorry.
  • Squee: Squeal of joy, usually high-pitched.
  • YOLO: You only live once.

Now get out there and spread your knolage of the Enlish Language!

– D. & J.


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