Different words have different connotations, but there’s something about the word “moist” that grosses many people out. Researchers from Oberlin College in Ohio decided to get down to the bottom of this mystery, and had more than 2,400 people complete questionnaires. The data shows that 18 percent of people had an aversion to the word “moist.” Study leader and psychologist, Dr. Paul Thibodeau writes that the person most-likely to dislike the word is “a young, neurotic, female who is well-educated and somewhat disgusted by bodily function.” He added, “People who identified as categorically averse to ‘moist’ also found words like ‘phlegm’ and ‘vomit’ more averse than people who didn’t have a strong unpleasant reaction to ‘moist.'” It’s thought people associate the word with bodily functions, and sex, thus “contaminating” the word. It could also be that the physical act of speaking the word uses the same facial muscles used to show disgust, but that has yet to be proven. (Daily Mail)

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