I’m driving up to Duncan tomorrow to bring a bucket of Lee’s Chicken to our work pot-luck – Arti’s trying to tell me Lee’s chicken is not that great. Listen:

As much as i do love a good artisanal fried chicken, which yes you can find around Victoria at some of our many wonderful, elevated culinary choices, there’s something so special about a BUCKET of the golden fried deliciousness. We can only hope that a Popeyes Chicken one day comes to the island…!  – Pol


  1. I actually love the deep fried Chicken……..usually in separate packages at the deli…at Quality Foods and so reasonable.

  2. Chicken on the run BLOWS MY MIND. And they have wedges that are nutty good. I eat A LOT of fried chicken.
    You should seriously check out pig too! One of the best and local!

    • Pig i know is quite good, i am a fan. Chicken on the Run really needs to be a priority in my life. – Pol

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