Today on the Afternoon Zone;

Every year this happens.  The open fire ban comes into effect.  The kid in me is so ultra bummed that camping trips going forward this summer i won’t be able to have a bonfire which is pretty much the WHOLE REASON TO GO CAMPING, but the adult in me knows fire safety is very important.

Well, it’s worth noting, if you’re a bonfire lover like me, that there is actually an area ring-around a bunch of Vancouver Island where you still can have a fire!

it’s called… THE FOG ZONE!!!

and it’s defined as a two-kilometre-wide strip of land along the outer coast of Vancouver Island, stretching from Owen Point near Port Renfrew to the northern tip of the island around to the boundary of Port Hardy.  Here’s a picture of it;

7202010-102943_Fog Zone Map

All s’more hope is not lost!!



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