[WATCH]: The Most EPIC Power-To-Play Finish in Zone History (in slow motion)


Meet Power-To-Play TEAM ZONE!
Top from the left: Scott, Boitano, Darren, Mylene, Paul (our ringer)

This same team is going to rep The Zone at this year’s Power To Play Adventure Race on Sunday, May 29th at Elk/Beaver Lake Park.

Last year, we set a team goal to not embarrass ourselves and at least FINISH the race. We finished the race, alright. But not embarrass ourselves……well….(video courtesy of Dave Wallace)

We’re gearing up to do it again this year…well not tumble back into the lake! And leading up to the event, we’ll be partnering with our friends (and fellow PTP racers) the Campus Auto Group to put on a few fundraisers.

Here are the fundraiser details:

CAR SMASH!!!! :: Wednesday, May 18th
You’ve been waiting since the early 90’s to do this!!
12PM – 1PM @ Campus Honda
4PM – 5PM @ Campus Nissan

DUNK TANK :: Thursday, May 19th
Basically donate to dunk some Team Zone members…AND JASON LAMB!!!
12PM – 1PM @ Mayfair Shopping Centre

CAR WASH :: Friday, May 20th
Donate to have Team Zone and Team Campus clean your ride!
3PM – 6PM @ Campus Nissan

More Power To Play details here. We’d love to see you out! –Boitano


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