Around 8 months ago, Bev York noticed that her precious gnome was missing from her Victoria Highlands’ lawn. She thought it was a classic case of hoodlum theft, but it turned out to be something quite different.

Last week her gnome was returned to the end of her driveway and with it, a hard-cover book with photo proof of its road trip down through the United States to Mexico and back.

bev-york-2She is not mad about the “gnomenapping”, she says “It is sweet [and] whoever did it… has a great sense of whimsy and probably [are] very nice people.”

Here is a look at some of the spots “Leopold, the travelling gnome” hit up on his road trip.  (photos courtesy of CBC )

garden-gnome-bev-york-1 leopold-the-gnome-3

leopold-the-gnome-4 leopold-the-gnome-5 leopold-the-gnome-6

How could you be mad? What a fantastic story.



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