There are hundreds of different musical instruments, many we hear in songs we listen to in the radio.
But there are many uncommon and wicked instruments, and the internet chose to be the day to celebrate those uncommon instruments.

Here are a few;

This is an early electronic musical instrument that can be controlled without physical contact. Named after its Russian inventor Leon Theremin, this instrument has a controlling section that consists of two metal antennas which can sense the relative position of the thereminist’s hands and control oscillators for frequency.

Similar to an organ but powered with water. It starts producing sound when the musician covers one or more of the water jets, forcing the water through a calibrated pipe.

I’ve seen a lot more of these in recent years but the cajon was originally developed by African slaves in Peru. It is a wooden boxed used as a percussion instrument, of which one side has a sound hole and the other is made of thin plywood.

The crwth is a archaic stringed instrument, it’s believed to have been played in Wales since the 11th century!


Invented in 1967 the Stylophone is a miniature analog stylus-operated keyboard. It consists of a metal keyboard played by touching it with a stylus, each note being connected to a voltage.

What’s an uncommon instrument you like? 🙂

– Jade


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