Tokyo Police Club have released their video for, “Not My Girl”. It’s directed by their multi-instrument playing, and always sharply dressed, Graham Wright.

Singer/bass player Tom Monks told Interview,

“The original idea was basically, what if two of the aliens from the Mos Eisley Cantina broke up and were sad about it? I had this vision in my head of a ’70s-style masked alien. I wanted to paint in broad emotional strokes that everyone would feel instinctively, rather than getting specific with facial expressions.”

Graham has been directing, writing, creating for a long time. He takes care of their tour videos, I was in one once!

I’ve also spoken with Graham about his horror comedy starring a Roomba, it sucks up a killers ashes, and goes on a rampage itself…Really!

Anyway, here’s the new vid!

Don’t forget the lads are coming back to town to play the Alix Goolden Hall on October 4th. Click THIS for tickets.

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