This year our lovely friends outta Toronto are going to release two new EP’s. The first, “Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness”, is out in April. With that a new song has arisen, after quite the internet scavenger hunt for their followers, and it’s called, “Not My Girl”.

“We knew we didn’t want to work like we did on Forcefield, which was two-and-a-half years solidly writing and rehearsing while holed up in a studio in Toronto,” drummer Greg Alsop explained in a press release. “And we all live in different places now, so a week in New York was our first attempt at experimenting with what happens if we all fly in to be in the same place and decide to work on music together.”

A few weeks ago I gave Graham a call to discuss the hunt and also a seriously intriguing film project he’s been working on. Lets just say you know them robotic vacuums? What happened if one was to consume the ashes of a murderer? Naturally it would turn zombie vac, right?

Have a listen to find out if you like 🙂

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