It’s a common struggle, you see your parched pooch panting the summer heat – especially after some outside time.
But when presented with a bowl of water some turn their noses away. They can be stubborn, that’s for sure 😛

Here are a few tips that can help encourage a dog to drink more water and stay hydrated!
Put water in with their food – It will help slow them down when eating and will help them get more water. Win win.

Have multiple water bowls around the house – that way they never have to go far for the water…cuz…man those pooches can be lazy..

Add some flavoring to their water – Low sodium chicken broth (minus onions) or bone broth added to plain water. You can also add fruit too,  blueberries or cranberries are safe and it’ll be a nice healthy treat!

Buy a pet water fountain – Dogs love to drink fresh moving water afterall. Plus the added pros of; Fresh water supply at all times, there’ll always be enough water for the dog while you’re out, it filters impurities from the water and your dog is encouraged to drink more since it seems like a toy to them 😛

Hope that helps!
Don’t forget to stay hydrated yourself hooman! 🙂

charwater– Jade & Charlie Boy the dog who drinks more water now.


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