For years i have been saying i would love to mess around in a ball pit as an adult.  Forward Motion San Francisco who “Help one another live out their dreams, tackling one bucket list item at a time.” have made that dream a reality.


Ball Bar 2 Ball Bar 3 Ball Bar 4 Ball Bar 5 Ball Bar 6 Ball Bar 7
Ball Bar 1
And of course you gotta check out these balls in action – here’s a vid!

Now this really only leads me to one concern… how gross are the balls and after how long?  I know parents are often concerned about their kids in ball pits because they’re germ cess pools, and the bottom layer is pretty much all urine – would that be the case with this ball pit bar as well? Shall we add the stickiness of booze and the horrifying prospect of someone having a vom in there?

Let’s not for now. – Pol


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