Not gonna go on and on about what an amazing and special moment the Tragically Hip National Celebration was – because, yes, it absolutely was – just wanted to jot out a couple of thoughts i had which watching the show – maybe you thought them too?

1. Was Gord really crying or is he just one of the greatest rock & roll front men of all time?

Now i don’t wanna be a contrarian or a down-player about this, or undermine the emotion that was very clearly behind the entire show – but i gotta say something about this moment…

Hip cryI have seen this story shared and shared across social media with posts saying about how powerful it was to see Gord break down.  This may be an unpopular comment – and again the last thing i want to do is take away from the emotion present – full disclosure – this is the point in the show at which I teared up!! HOWEVER – i saw this much more as a display of Gord’s showmanship than of him actually breaking down crying on stage.  Think about how he did the exact same thing a few nights before in Toronto – and about how quickly once Grace, Too was over that he put the mic back on it’s stand as his face returned completely back to how it had been the whole show.  Again, i hate to be the guy who wants to make this point and take away from this powerful moment in the show – but when i think about the Hip and their legacy – which by the way was firmly embedded into the history and culture of this country on Saturday – EVEN MORE THAN IT ALREADY WAS – i think about the genuine nature of their music and i think about Gord’s showmanship.  I would rather celebrate those things mixed together with the emotion of the moment, rather than get hyper focused on “oh wow he cried how powerful”.

Ugh, i know, i’m sorry, i’m practically a robot, please don’t forward this blog to your friends and family who shared this article and commented on it with a crying emoji.

ALTHOUGH!  When i said this on the radio this afternoon, a good number of Zoners texted in to agree with me.  This guy even CALLED IN!! ON THE PHONE!!!!

For the record, this was my fav moment of the show and Grace, Too is probz my fav Hip song.  That or maybe Bobcaygeon.  When the Hip is complimenting looking up into the stars from the shore of a distinctly Canadian lake – that’s when they’re the absolute best.

Also though i love Poets and the “dancing on the tables” shenanigans it might inspire.

K, 2. I found it very interesting that Gord skipped the line “in my hometown” in Blow At High Dough.

Right?!  I mean… it was IN HIS HOME TOWN!!  We were just sitting at my house waiting for the crowd to go wild when he said it – he never said it!

3. i really loved Gord’s JAWS t-shirt during the first act.  Jaws, btw is currently on Netflix! along with Jaws 2 the Return, Jaws 3 the Jawsening and Sharknado.  Sunday night we watched the original Jaws – ashamed to say but it was my first time!  – it’s a rad flick.

4. What a great, totally normal Tragically Hip concert.

Aside from a couple of moments – although it was of course fore-front on all minds watching and very clearly the whole reason we were witnessing the show – it didn’t really feel like the big cry-fest living wake it was built up to be. It felt like just a great, totally normal Tragically Hip concert.  The band very clearly deserves the massive send off that it got – the attention from across the country for exactly what we saw – a terrific rock band putting on a terrific show.

There were of course a few moments when the monumental nature of the show became clear;

  • Gord’s shout-out to PM JT and the fact that Trudeau was there to begin with.

  • the shot of OUTSIDE at Kingston and the massive crowd of people who weren’t even in the arena but who had gathered to watch the show (chills!!)

  • Gord signs off the first encore “have a nice life”

There are probably more thoughts i had during the show, but those are the big ones that really stood out in my mind 2 afternoons later.  I hope you watched laughed and cried along with the rest of us. And hey – there really were some laughs, weren’t there?!

Had the great moment this past weekend that will probably definitely be translated into a Top 21 Victory Lap this next weekend.

So i have this hat.  I got it last year at Rifflandia and i love it.  It’s a new era ball cap with the stylised Riff watermelon mixed with a fish on camouflage.  It reminds me of something my grandfather would wear fishing (which he does every single day he is able to for his whole life) but is also all “modern! hipster! music festival!” so the whole thing just really speaks to me. It’s VERY SILLY – BELIEVE ME I KNOW – MY WIFE EXPRESSES HER DISDAIN FOR IT REGULARLY – but i love it and really only wear it when we go on outdoor adventures.  Hey! It’s my outdoor adventure hat!

fishmelon hatPictured: the hat.

So before i go on, let me just say, i’m bad with hats. I lose them. My parents got me a custom fedora for Christmas a bunch of years ago, i left it on a plane coming home from Las Vegas.

fedoraLast known picture of the fedora (i realize fedoras are kind of douchey)

At last years Rock the Shores i got a cool, simple black Rock the Shores hat.  Left that on a flight from LA to Melbourne, Australia.

rts hatLast known picture of this hat, Pirate of the Caribbean in Disneyland.

Before you say “wow maybe you should just never wear hats on planes” – believe me, i’ve thought about it, but consider my Victoria Royals hat! A great way to support the home team – the team i WORK FOR – i left it in the food court at Mayfair Mall. royals hat

Last known picture of the Royals hat.  Gotta support the team.

So lesson on minding your belongings – particularly HATS – not yet learned, a week ago this past Friday i left my Outdoor Adventure hat at the Sooke Potholes.  Once i realised i was as devastated as one can reasonably be about a hat.  I already was thinking of saving up my pennies, going down to the Atomique headquarters and hoping against hope that they still had some of last years merch kicking around. UNTIL!  Just yesterday, in a unplanned, impromptu trip back to the potholes (i can’t get enough of their chilly cascading waters, what can i say?!) against ALL HOPE… THE HAT WAS STILL THERE!!!

My wife took a picture of me being over the moon estatic about finding it, but i just re-looked at it and due to an extra-revealing bathing suit i was wearing yesterday, i’ve decided not to post it here. haha, ask me in person and i’ll happily show it to you on my phone…!

I love how much that shows that people are good at heart.  The hat was left – day and night – right where it was for the rightful owner to retrieve it. That, or as Zoner Ben points out – maybe it was just too ugly to steal…!

Love, Pol



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