Yesterday morning I woke up, read the paper, and learnt of a fantastic free new app about The Great Bear Rainforest. I sent some emails, and within a few hours welcomed Brian Starzomski to The Zone to discuss it.

Essentially he and his team from UVIC have cataloged over 700 species, including an inventory of 210 plants, 80 birds, 120 seaweeds, 190 marine invertebrates, and 20 mammals and reptiles. Every logged species is photographed and has a solid little write up next to it. Such a fantastic app.

Here’s our chat;

Here’s a few of the things we discussed;

Sail jellyfish, by-the-wind sailor • Velella velella

By-the-wind sailor_Francine Beaujot 1
Photo taken in Barkley Sound by Francine Beaujot.

Ocean sunfish, mola, roundtailed mola, common mola • Mola mola

Ocean sunfish_Tristan Blaine
Ocean sunfish photographed by Tristan Blaine.

Northern mockingbird • Mimus polyglottos

Northern mockingbird_Brian Starzomski
Photo by Brian Starzomski.

The app is available on your iPhone, iPad, and Android systems.

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