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The Long Form Census is back and people were PUMPED!!  Here is a collection of tweets from people who were pumped to be asked to participate and couldn’t wait to fill it out!! “Canadians are Completely Nerding Out on the Long Form Census” from Buzzfeed.

I get it why people are stoked on it.  People like talking about themselves.  Also, it’s kind of like taking a test where you know all the answers.  “How many rooms are in your house?” Oooo!  i KNOW this!

And yes, people were so pumped to get after the census it crashed the government website last night.  Fun.

So what do you think about The Green Ceiling, this new pot smoking lounge on Quadra Street? The article right on the cover of the Times Colonist today tells a story of this business owner who is just trying to provide a nice service and the mayor who is “not ok” with it!

new-vka-greenceiling-524-2-jpgFrom the TC:
Abraham said she opened The Green Ceiling because there’s a need in Victoria for public cannabis-smoking spaces. Many people are not permitted to smoke marijuana in their homes, particularly apartments and condominiums. And she said smoking in parks or on the street is inappropriate.

“You’re talking about someone who’s using cannabis and now they’re forced into a dark alleyway like a criminal. We need to get away from that,” Abraham said.

“This [smoking lounge] is a lot more civilized. It allows people to maintain their dignity.”

I like that.  But Mayor Lisa Helps makes a good point too…

again from the TC:
“Helps said Abraham is in violation of a municipal bylaw if she operates without a business licence. Meanwhile, city staff are compiling a report on the regulation of marijuana-related businesses in Victoria. It’s expected to come before city council this month.

“My understanding is that one of the regulations is going to be no consumption of cannabis on the spot. We don’t have any regulations in place. But as soon as we do, this business won’t meet the guidelines,” Helps said.”

2016 is a weird limbo time for what’s cool or not with pot, hey?

Paul & Shiraz came into the Zone today to chat with me about their upcoming live comedy talk show (this might be) THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN!

Best Show Poster Design 2 w info and logos

here’s the chat.  They were funny!!

Finally, this wild story out of Indonesia.

angel dollFisherman in a remote village found what they thought was an angel floating out a sea.  They took her home, dressed her, and treated her with respect. Police investigated amid fears the rumours of a divine spirit on earth would cause unrest, and found it was in fact an inflatable sex doll.

angel doll 2The craziest part of all comes from a quote from the police chief who said “They have no internet, they don’t know what a sex toy is”.  It almost makes me wish i lived that innocent of a life.

OK, have a great night! Love, Pol


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