That’s right, you could own them!! According to the Times Colonist

“Today, the once brightly lit letters are up for bids at Lunds Auctioneers on Fort Street. Lot 526 has a sale price estimated at $100 to $300, but company president Peter Boyle said it’s impossible to predict the top offer. The two-to-five-foot letters leaning on the wall have sparked interest and some consternation from people who think the hotel’s owners should keep things as they are, he said.

Traditionalists need not fear, however. The replacement sign will be an “exact replica,” but in energy-efficient LED, said Empress spokeswoman Angela Rafuse-Tahir. “It’s iconic and people love it.”

The new sign should be up by the end of May, barring any delays.

a3-empress-jpgI heard a thing once that before the current sign went up there, there was no sign.  Because if you didn’t know what or where the Empress was, you didn’t deserve to stay there.  Even still, would be pretty awesome to own a letter… does your name start with a T, H, E, M, P, R, or S?  GO FOR IT!! – Pol



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