I usually live with 2 room-mates. But as of right now, I HAVE 5,000 THAT ARE ALL FRUIT FLIES.

These pesky little garbage trolls multiply by the second, and it’s quite the mission to get rid of them. I turned to Zoners for advice, and these are the exterminator tips we came up with…

1. “Ghostbuster” them with a vacuum. For the next few weeks keep your vacuum handy in your high-fruit-fly-populated room and suck ’em up one-by-one.

2. Bleach. Most fruit flies reproduce in kitchen sinks, so give it a good wipe-down and a splash down the drain.

3. Wine Traps. Like humans, fruit flies flock to wine. Pour a splash of wine in a glass, cover the top in plastic wrap, poke some holes, and soon you will have a fruit fly graveyard.

4. Vinegar traps. Same as the wine trap, but with vinegar. Apple cider vinegar seems to work best.

5. GIVE UP and MOVE OUT. Sometimes you just have to let them win.





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