Have you noticed that in countless horror movies, the cute little children’s toy gets super haunted and becomes creepy as flub?! Directors must have got the idea of haunting toys from somewhere… oh yeah…FROM REAL LIFE.

A ghost hunter, named Gina Lanier has come up with a theory around why your Teddy Bear attracts ghosts.

” In many cases, Lanier concluded, the haunting or possession of the teddy bear occurs over a long period of time. For all the years a bear remains in possession of a loving child it becomes an integral part of that child’s life. As the child creates this relationship with the bear, the toy naturally begins to take on the energy being directed toward it. Eventually, it is surmised, the essential energy becomes a force that draws other remnant energy to it; for example, if the child and his toy live in a home that already has an established history of paranormal activity, this may begin to use the toy as a conduit to manifestation. In this instance, the toy can become something similar to the “familiar” associated with practitioners of magic, though of course not frequently on such a powerful scale. The object may not move and act as if of its own volition, but the fact remains that the high concentration of energy, sometimes combined with external anomalies, will cause the teddy bear to almost take on “a life of its own.” When this occurs, the teddy bear begins to act in response to the child, taking on – at least to its companion – all aspects of an independent playmate.”

Not saying that you should throw-out/burn/destroy/drown all of your teddy bears, but it may be something to consider if you start noticing that it is has “A life of its own”.

Sleep well my darling,



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