Over in Australia, Garage Ink Brisbane’s Whitney Develle posted a photo to her Instagram, that she is offering FREE tattoos for those wishing to cover up self-harm scars.

Since the post she has received an overwhelming amount of inquires, due to the demand she is unable to take more for free but is also offering a discount to individuals who wish to cover theirs up.

She mentioned the idea came to her when a friend opened up about her self-harm scars
“She told me how much pain it brought her when people would question her about them or make comments,” she said. “No one should ever have to feel like a public museum for people to ridicule.”

brisban“People were asking her about her tattoo. The scars became irrelevant – a thing of the past. I want them to know that they no longer have to feel ashamed and that they no longer have to conceal their scars.”

If you are struggling with thoughts of self-harm, please reach out, there are many resources that can help you. Even if you just need a listening ear.

Vancouver Island Crisis 24/7 (texting/online chat 6P-10P)
Your Life Counts 

<3 – Jade


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