Alexandre Brolo first came to Canada to finish up his PHD, and it didn’t take long to decide he wanted to relocate and leave São Paulo, Brazil, behind. As a researcher at the University of Victoria he has just received funding aimed at developing technology to help identify the Zika virus.

Grand Challenges Canada, a federally funded body that supports public health innovations, has awarded $50,000 for research on two applications spearheaded by chemist Alexandre Brolo.

His team is creating low-cost plastic strips that detect the presence of arboviruses, such as Zika and dengue, in saliva, which Brolo said would give health workers a speedy picture of who has the illness and where it might be spreading. The award will help fund a small-scale pilot project in Brazil, which has been badly hit by the virus, and serve as seed money for development of the larvae-finder app.

So, with that, I gave him a call to discuss himself, his studies, and the future of this project 🙂

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