Adam Foeller is a marvelous man with a warm heart, massive beard, and is in far better shape than I’ll ever be. Now, when you bring those skills together it makes for one seriously passionate Power To Play team mate.

Power To Play Victoria is Sunday, May 29 at Elk/Beaver Lake Park in support of Power To Be. Fueled by the momentum they build in fundraising in advance of the event, up to 40 teams will race through a series of physical and mental challenges, testing communication and cooperation along the way.

Their efforts to raise $150,000 this year will help support the more than 1,000 youth and families Power To Be serves annually. Whether it is hiking the muddy trails of Cape Beale, catching a wave in Tofino on a surf program for fathers with spinal cord injuries to connect with their daughters, or camping at Mystic Beach – an opportunity made possible by Power To Be’s TrailRider, these experiences are a community effort.

Here’s our chat about the event and his team, LadyBeard Dance Troupe.

Want to see what teams are up to, or donate? Click THIS.

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