I had a zoner who text in mentioning they were feeling low.
So I was reinspired to post a LOL of the day! A bunch of funny things I found on the interwebs 🙂 Enjoy and remember when you’re feeling anxious, low, stressed out ect; 3 deep breaths can make quite the difference – and there is help out there if you need it <3

I love this little lesson of learning to get along XD

when you gotta take family photos, but you’d rather lounge

My niece after trying a s'more for the first time.S’mores ARE magical

K.A.R.M.A !!

I always like a nice pun 😉


come on maaaaaaaaaaaaan why you gotta be like that

and my favourite this week
Are These The 43 Funniest GIFs Of All Time?
Until next time 🙂
– Jade


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