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For the first time EVER a Pacific Angel Shark was spotted in BC waters just off Clover Point!

a4-0515-shark2-bw-jpgLook at it’s dopey face! I love it!

This thing is so rare in the north pacific the last time it was spotted was in the Puget Sound down Washington State way in the 30’s and before that was up near Alaska in 1907!  Lots more info and the story of the intrepid snorkler who spotted and snapped it in the newspaper!

NEWS TODAY about PM Justin Trudeau introducing transgender rights legislation. Read all about it here.  It’s kind of a bunch of “no duh” rules which will guarantee legal and human rights protection to transgender people across Canada.


I got a call from a Zoner down in Washington State today who said that although you may hear all this news about how transgender bathroom rules are a big whoop down in the states – but it’s not! It’s a few select spots (he said “in the south”) that are doing a bunch of fearmongering but that it’s infuriating and embarrassing since it’s such a non-issue to so many.

This is a great joke if you watched Game of Thrones last night:


But if you didn’t watch it last night then you’re probably like “i don’t get it and also SPOILER ALERT!!”

Look, i completely get that we live in such an on-demand world that people don’t just watch shows when they’re on any more, everyone is at a different point or episode and season of every single show there is – but don’t we all agree that Game of Thrones is different?  It’s the ONE show these days that we’re ALL into, that we’re all this invested in, that the internet goes bananas for the next day, that water cooler / coffee machine talk is dominated by on the job site… isn’t this the ONE show we should all try and see THE NIGHT IT AIRS?!?  If there’s a case to be made that ONE show is exempt from the “5 second rule” of no-spoiler talk, ISN’T IT GAME OF THRONES?!?  Especially with it being the most pirated show of all time, it really isn’t all that hard to find even if you don’t have HBO.

That kind of leads me to this; A friend of mine asked on Facebook this weekend where he could legally watch shows like GOT or Veep or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver if you don’t have HBO.  The consensus from the Hive Mind of f-book was that you couldn’t! Streaming or Torrenting (stealing the shows) was a pretty easy thing to do, but to actually pay money to the artists responsible for the shows we want to watch is pretty much impossible from here in Canada!  When i traded my cable for the new Apple TV i figured i could watch new seasons of Game of Thrones or Girls as they came out by purchasing them on iTunes, but even then i have to wait like a year after they air to get them!







but please don’t MAKE us have cable because that skinny basic stuff is a complete mess.

I shouted out today to Webmeister Bud for being the first person i know to have backyard chickens!  Here they are!!


He says he gets two eggs a day plus two tiny fluffy dinosaurs for pets – what’s not to like?! More pics of Thelma & Louise on his personal website/chickens/.

 Happy 50th Birthday to Pet Sounds!


Nothing sounds better in the summer still after all these years, than some super classic Beach Boys jams.  Their music, and this album in particular has been wildly influential on artists from the Beatles and David Bowie, to the Flaming Lips, R.E.M and Weezer, to even as this article from the Atlantic makes the case, the new big deal album releases today of Kanye, Beyonce, Drake and Radiohead!

I had a moment of feeling like i was betraying my adopted home of Victoria this weekend all based around my footwear.  I was wearing my Blundstones, possibly the greatest boots of all time, to do yard work and construction as we do a little home-improvement project around House Plastino. They’re perfect for that – that’s kind of what they were invented for in Australia, and what they’re used for there still – work boots.

Here in Victoria though, they’re completely not!  They’re hiking boots or cool person walking around boots!  BETRAYAL!!


Love, Pol


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