Was originally gonna call this blog “a couple of things” but obvs wanted to make it more specific.  We’re supposed to blog, and i don’t MIND blogging as long as it’s something i actually write and not just a re-package of some other click-bait junk, so i’m gonna try to carve out 10 to 15 minutes a day to just free-form WRITE something.  Thanks for reading it, i hope you find some nuggs of entertainment or enjoyment in it.

OK just a couple of thoughts before i jump into the radio to do the “All Afternoon Zone” (that’s what i call it when we have to pull six hour shifts – so literally all afternoon starting from Noon till 6pm.  In this case it’s because Jon Williams has gone up to Tofino to prep for Stinging Belle (the band he drums in)’s performance at the Otalith music festival.  Woah so fun!

OK so thought 1.  I went to the lake last night after work for a quick float – and i know i’m not breaking any huge meteorological ground here, but it’s getting dark earlier, team.  True story.   My bud and i got out to Thetis at like 6:30ish and the only sliver of lake that was still getting sun over the tops of the trees was over at the very east-most bank.  It’s kind of a sad realization that summer is slowly coming to an end, but more i think my thought is that i appreciate and love all the other folks out there (and there was a decent amount) who were still out there swimming, soaking in those last few rays of the day.  The real uptick of this of course is the fact that it’s finally getting HOT here in Victoria.  Temperatures reaching upwards of 30 plus degrees in the next day or so!  Stay super hydrated & cool out there and bet you anything that those lakes are gonna be JAM PACKED this weekend.  Nice.  People Soup.

Thought 2. By now maybe you’ve seen the budding bromance that is Usain Bolt and Canada’s Andre De Bolt smiling away at each other during the 200 m dash at the Oympics.  It’s a real nice moment of friendly competition at it’s highest level.  Thing is though, i find it wild that both of these guys (and possibly all the other guys running, i haven’t really looked) are wearing gold chains around their necks.  Is that weird?  They’re flapping and jangling all up and down as they’re running… wouldn’t that be distracting while you’re running?  I know that if i’m doing anything active at all, i pretty much want to be wearing a control-top onesie AND THAT’S IT.  Something to keep ME from flapping and jangling and certainly no jewellery on top of that!  Maybe this is just based on my hatred of when i go for runs – the pocket in my sweat shorts is all loosey-goosey, so my big huge stupid iPhone is all banging around.  It sucks.  I’ve begged my wife to sew me a more solid pocket but it’s not been a huge priority for her. I don’t run enough for it be worth while to buy a more running-specific, tighter pair of shorts, nor do i think i could pull off one of those arm band deals.  I mean… these guys are the fastest in the world, i’m not WORRIED about them, but isn’t it weird that they’re wearing chains?

OK that’s it, i’ll try to write sommore tomorrow.  Thanks again for reading! Comment in the comments if you have any thoughts or… comments.

love, Pol


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