Downtown Victoria has a reptile living in its sewers and it is not a turtle, mutant, or a ninja… just a plan ol’ 1-2 metre long snake.

The snake was discovered when city crews looked over camera footage to find the cause of a sink hole that was reported, and instead all they saw was a beast of a snake.
They have not confirmed its species but it is believed to be an escaped pet.

Animal control and city crews stepped up to action on Thursday and attempted to remove the snake from its new sewage-home, but their trap involving 2 dead mice and a cardboard tube did not entice the reptile.

snake yo
Animal authorities believe the snake is in a lethargic state due to moulting, so it is not likely to move any time soon. They will pick up where they left off in about a week.

For now, we must live knowing there is a snake in our sewage system. *Shutter*

Snakes drain
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