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What do you think it all means?!

The above art has been spotted in conjunction with a new website from Rage Against the Machine.  The site has been so busy since i got here and have been trying to check it out at 2 that i keep getting a database error message – but according to those who HAVE seen it – it contains a countdown clock to June 1st.  Exciting!!

Last night Arti & i and a few other friends had a really nice beach picnic – and thanks to many suggestions from Zoners – she picked us up some Chicken On The Run.

chicken on the run

Thanks is putting it mildly, it was DELICIOUS. Particularly good was the wedge fries – holy smokes, i had never seen nor tasted wedge fries like that in my whole life.  They were seriously delicious, and in a market segment where many fries are merely the conveyance by which to deliver gravy – these wedges not only didn’t need gravy – they were equally unreal both with OR without the good brown stuff. Like perfect on their own, but also held the nice thin gravy to optimum effect. Really impressed.

Of course, our love for this particular chicken place could also have to do with the fact that we enjoyed it as a picnic down at the beach – everyone knows everything tastes better at the beach…

chicken 1

Arti (right) is a hero and brought the chicken! Also pictured: Tess.

chicken 2

Caleb loves chicken and being cold.

chicken 3

Gary came too but didn’t get any chicken. Not. For. Dogs.

By now we all know that the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters trailer is the most disliked movie trailer in the history of Youtube.  Much ink has been spilled as to whether or not this is because of it’s a bad trailer, or sexism or (probably) both.

WELL! There’s a new trailer! check it out;

Couple of thoughts, or feelings gleaned from this second trailer;

  1. I do feel like this movie will really capture a lot of the scary but hilarious escense of the original, while also paying a pretty decent amount of fan-service. (“Mass hysteria!” and did i see a glimpse of Mr. Staypuft…?)
  2. Kinda concerned about the amount of flimsy CGI i see.  The Force Awakens learned the lesson SO WELL from the prequels which shall not be named – more muppets – less phony feeling computer schlock. Because let’s be really honest; there is no improving upon the original slimer.



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