“Today I had the pleasure to unveil the names of The Toronto Zoo‘s panda cubs! Say hello to Jia Panpan et Jia Yueyue!

J’ai eu le plaisir ajd de dévoiler le nom des bébés pandas du The Toronto Zoo! Bonjour Jia Panpan et Jia Yueyue!” – Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister and Disney Prince look-a-like Justin Trudeau was on American TV last night, you can see here how he did telling his story to the States.

I’d say JPJT (his middle name is “PJ!”) did a good job at saying great Canada was – and took his reward… snuggling baby pandas.  Of that we can all be very jealous.

(It won’t let me put the full interview here, but you can watch it over on the 60 mins webzone)

Trudeau’s been called “The Anti-Trump” – but do you think American voters will be swayed away from Trump by this interview even a little bit? We can only hope.  As an aside, i do love that story from last week how all these Americans were googling how to move to Canada if Trump becomes president – as if we in Canada wouldn’t be effected by a horrifying Trump presidency. Not just little things either, i actually have fears of an assured global mutual nuclear destruction becoming a real possibility under Supreme Leader Trump.  It keeps me up at night. So please, Americans, yes, look how nice Canada is, but don’t google moving here, google how to help elect Bernie Sanders.  #FeelTheBern
– Pol


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