Last night I went to a “Paint Nite” event at the Moon Under Water brewpub. I was incredibly nervous because the only thing I have had experience painting is cat butts. Why cat butts? They make nice gifts for cat-lovin’ friends.

See.catt buts
Now, you can see why I was nervous when I found out that I was supposed to paint this:
Cherry blossoms
Our CFO (Chief Fun Officer) was Ginja Lion, who was an absolute hoot! She gave step-by-step instructions, cheered us on, and laid down some solid Bob Ross quotes. After drinking 2 delicious “Creepy Uncle Dunkels”, and painting up a storm I came out with this beauty:

paint niteYeah, it’s not as good as the original but that doesn’t matter. I felt like (a tipsy) Bob Ross, which is a feeling I would have never experienced if I hadn’t gone to Paint Nite.

I highly recommend Paint Nite to any one over the age of 19!

Thank you “Ginja Lion” for an incredible experience, and Moon Under Water Brewpub for the tasty beverages!

If you want to plan your night, go to





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