This morning while in a fair amount of pain from a bad tooth..
(what I imagine my tooth looking like while aching)

Anyhow, I began searching remedies and came across this old advert haha..

CONNORS BRIGHTON 01273 486851 COLLECT PICTURE As Britain’s advertising watchdog has received almost 100 complaints that a Channel 4 ad campaign for hit documentary Big Fat Gypsy Weddings  is offensive and racist. A look at old adverts show nothing has changed over the years. Cocaine Toothache Drops

I’d heard of whiskey..but cocaine?! Man, how things have changed.

Decided to see what other gems I could find;

ciggNothing says breathe right again quite like 4,000 chemicals, 43 known carcinogenic compounds and 400 other toxins!

lardI think maybe he’s happy ’bout that pie the lard was in..

– Jade


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