right away when I saw Sega wanted to release a mini-console I began humming that song..

Of course after Nintendo announces the release of the 30 games-preinstalled-console, the rest of the video game world is going to follow suit.

I mean hey, I’m not complaining, I’m actually even more excited. Out of all the consoles I played growing up, genesis was the in the top spot.

 Meeeeeeeemories all alone in the moooooonlight -something-something-

So the new mini-Mega Drive will have 80 stored games and let you plug in your original cartridges!!
Sega isn’t releasing this product though. The products are manufactured by Chinese firm At Games, which has previously released a slew of retro consoles.

Unfortunately the Mega Drive Mini makes use of old AV cables and will not have HDMI functionality like the Mini NES will.


– Jade


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