After a fortnight of teasing, the new Green Day is here!

“Bang Bang” packs a typical Green Day punch, including lyrics that address Billie-Joe’s look at celebrity culture, war, and big brother. All whilst moving at break neck speed, with Tre Cool’s tub thumping passion its foundation.

Billie-Joe spoke with Rolling Stone about the new effort;

““It’s about the culture of mass shootings that happen in America, mixed with narcissistic social media. There’s this rage happening, but it’s also now being filmed, and we all have ourselves under surveillance. To me, that’s so twisted.”

Read the full interview by clicking THIS.

Their twelfth album, “Revolution Radio” is set for release on October 7th.

Track Listing;

‘Somewhere Now’
‘Bang Bang’
‘Revolution Radio’
‘Say Goodbye’
‘Bouncing Off the Wall’
‘Still Breathing’
‘Too Dumb to Die’
‘Troubled Times’
‘Forever Now’
‘Ordinary World’

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