What a delightful day for the world of music, ha! Another of my all time faves are gearing up for a new album, and that’s California’s Deftones.

‘Gore’, their eighth album is released on April 8 *This Friday, yo*. ‘Doomed User’, can be heard via Sirius (Click here mate), and follows last months release of, ‘Prayers/ Triangles’.

“It’s got a rockin’ rhythm and a high tech sound that will make you shake your body down to ground,” frontman Chino Moreno said of ‘Doomed User.’

Now, the third track they’ve thrown out there is, “Hearts/Wires”, and it made its debut with Daniel P Carter on BBC Radio 1 over the weekend.

The track-listing for ‘Gore’ is as follows:

‘Acid Hologram’
‘Doomed User’
‘Geometric Headdress’
‘Hearts and Wires’
‘Pittura Infamante’
‘Phantom Bride’

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