You may not know this about old Pol Plastino, but before moving out to the last frontier of the Canadian West Coast, i was born and raised till the age of 10 in the rugged wilderness of Northern Ontario.  There, we would spend weekends, summers and really every spare moment we could get out of town at a cabin deep in the woods on the shores of Lake Superior.  Here’s a pic i snapped of it the last time i was there, like 2 iPhones ago;


There’s no doubt in my mind that countless days spent in a small outboard motor boat fishing or swimming in the great lake, and equally large numbers of nights enjoying a bonfire right on the beach under the bright clear stars or watching lightning strike out the big front window has imbued deep inside of me a fondness of cabins.

This is, no doubt, why my new favourite thing – bordering on obsession – is this instagram called Cabin Love.  It is full of amazing shots from around the world of adorable, cozy little cabins nestled in the majesty of wilderness.  Check it out and let it become your new favourite way to mentally escape the rat-race on the daily.  Or, if you’re like me and my girl (who also grew up partially in a gorgeous cabin of her own on Lasqueti Island), let it be your inspiration to one day have one of these slices of paradise of your very own…!

Here’s just a small sample from the Insta;
Cabin 7Cabin 6Cabin 5Cabin 4
Cabin 3
Cabin 2
Cabin 1

I think this one’s my favourite.  Cabin PrimoCan you even imagine just being lulled to sleep after a full day of hiking and venturing to the sound of the cascading waterfall just feet from your bed? Getting up in the morning for a dip in the rapids first thing? I’d legitimately never shower again.

Finally, this isn’t from the insta, i just wanted to share it.  I actually took this snap with my current iPhone.  It’s one of the over-water bungalows we stayed in on our Honeymoon last year in the Maldives.  Stunzo.


Cabins, man.  The best. <3 Pol


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