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I was quite happy today to support McHappy Day!  One reason is that i, like you may also, know someone who really benefited from the charity it supports.


This is Rowan (and his mum).  He’s the poster child this year for McHappy Day, you may have seen him on posters around McDonald’s.  He’s also the son of a guy who works here at the radio station and one of the cutest kids ever ever.  He came down with really rare and nasty blood disorder a few years ago.  By the grace of miraculous modern medicine he’s doing totally great now, and by the grace of the Ronald McDonald house over in Vancouver, his folks were spared a LOT of grief in what was an incredibly difficult and trying time.  This is just one example of untold number of families who benefit from the Houses across Canada every year.  That’s why i ate two Happy Meals today (one cheeseburger with fries, one nuggets with apples), had a Mc coffee, and bought three of those little paper boots.

More about RoLo (which we affectionately call him) and his folks here.

I didn’t eat a Big Mac because i have problems with the Big Mac.  The meat – to – bread ratio is all off.  I’ve said this for years.  We as a global hamburger enjoying community need to come together, get over the tradition of it and change the age-old Big Mac to something like the “Grand Mac” they’re trying out in some markets in the states.  This article on Time has some other interesting ideas i’d love to see McDonalds try out here. INCLUDING:
– Unlimited French Fries
– All Day Breakfast


Happy May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Day!!

It’s very interesting how in the decades since the phrase “may the force be with you” back in the late 70’s, and all the May Fourths that came and went, it took the internet age for the pun “May the 4th be with you” to really catch on.  Actually a Zoner called in and suggested it took a generation of dads to come up and be raised with Star Wars and strike this “dad joke” gold.

It really is a legit thing now though!  Here’s Star Wars star Daisy Ridley talking all about it!

Rey is my favourite Star Wars character of all time now, btw.  More even than Han Solo.  I know.

Finally, Bossman Johnny came in for his daily hug today and i had a feeling he probably wasn’t all that into Star Wars…

Sure enough, Space Jam is gonna have a crazy sequel

and in other news Seth McFarlane is gonna do a sci-fi show next year too!  Neat!

Love, Pol



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