Today on the Afternoon Zone;

without endorsing what this man is doing, i’m absolutely enthralled by the story of 63 year old Hartley Bushell of Fort MacMurray.  His is one of thousands of stories of endurance and bravery in the face of the adversity that has faced the city in the form of unstoppable wild fires, and that will continue to be written as they rebuild.  His story though, is scary and unique in that he refused the mandatory evacuation order, and stayed to protect his  home with a system of garden hoses.


He actually found this little pug whimpering in the burnt out ruins of a nearby neighbourhood.  They were each others only company in the next bunch of days, but the doggy has since been turned over to animal services to be re-united with his rightful owners (hooray!).

Again, disobeying mandatory evacuation orders is dangerous – not just for yourself, but for the emergency responders on the scene as well – i get that.  It’s an incredible story though, that thankfully has so far worked out for Hartley.  Please, it’s worth the time, read the full CBC story about him.


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