Ever wonder how it’d be possible to run/hike/play with ALL THE DOGS ?!
Simmer down ‘coz now you can! err…well at least 900 dogs, and only if you’re in this remote area of Costa Rica and visiting Territorio de Zaguates .
Territorio de Zaguates is a no-kill shelter run privately owned and run entirely by volunteers.

dogsplayingIn recent years adoption numbers at the shelter have been low, this is because most of the dogs are of mixed breed and seen as “less valuable” than other pure bred dogs.
To help show the public that mutts are special in their own ways and need love too, the organization began a campaign to give each dog its own unique breed name.

Here’s a clip of a dog hike

Chances are you aren’t in Costa Rica and won’t be any time soon.
So let’s just focus on what we can do here on our home island, when looking for a new fur member to your family consider adopting from a local shelter/organization.

Also don’t be a stranger to our local SPCA, they have dog walking/cuddling opportunities!

TTFN – Jade


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