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It’s been a while since i’ve been to Thetis Lake.  It was the first lake i ever frequented when i first moved to Victoria – and where i fell in love with summertime Victoria lake culture.  My girl and i went there this weekend for a “quick dip” – and i get it, it was HOT and the first weekend of the year the lake really CALLED to Victoria – but holy smokes.  The parking lot was INSANE.


As soon as we hit the beach though, it becomes crystal clear why – it’s a beautiful lake to swim or float at and it’s made so easy for that fact that there’s a parking lot there to begin with! I feel like that lot and maybe Thetis itself has been outgrown by the summer demand for a swimming hole.  Probably the reason it’s so swamped is the infrastructure is there.  Doesn’t take much.  A bathroom, a foot wash station, a well marked road to get there, a decently sized lot to park.  Is this something we could add to another, lesser utilized lake nearby to help spread the love?  Just asking.

It’s not enough that Maisie Williams is trying to (SPOILER ALERT!) escape the clutches of the Faceless Men and defeat the Waif to gain safe passage back to Westeros on Game of Thrones – she also is doing a great job in real life of putting sexist media in it’s stupid place.

It started with these dum-dums reporting on her being at a children’s charity event like THIS:


But it could have been as she tweeted…!


Great tweet, so true. The faster we can stop making who is or isn’t wearing a bra a “news story” the better.  I mean come on.

While we’re talking Maisie and her doing great things, this is one of my favourite quotes on the topic of equality – and it comes from her!


For good measure, here’s the “next time on!” preview for next week’s Game of Thrones – HOO BOY LOOKS LIKE THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!

Hey good news, everyone!  Remember last week when i was all worried about this story about a family who was driving through the forest in Japan and to teach their son a lesson told him to get out of the car, and then when they went back for him he was gone?

Well, despite having no provision nor being dressed appropriately, that little boy has been found safe and sound.  Not only that, he’s pretty adorable;


He was discovered on Friday morning sheltering in a hut on a military drill field some 5.5 kilometres from where he had been left.



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