Zoners, after months of beautiful silence Band of Skulls set a fire yesterday in unleashing, “Killer“, to the world. On top of that we now know album number four, “By Default“, is out May 27th. (You can pre-order it right now from HERE or HERE).

Not even 24hrs have passed since its release, and thanks to a unreal manager who was checking emails at lord knows what time in the morning *England is eight hours ahead mate* helping to set this up; Mick Paterson, thank you Sir. What set up? A chat with lead singer/guitarist Russell, that’s what!

So lets check in with his dog Queen, see if they revisited Rockfield Studios, and ultimately learn where they are ahead of the new record. Oh and Russell had to call me due to some technical issues, THANKS MATE. Saved the day, haha.

Here. Is. “Killer”!

Finally, lets not forget some solid Zone moments alongside these three talented buggers.

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