If you want to know about the latest creation from Nintendo, they just filed for new patents this week. I’m not much of a gamer, so I brought in Webmeister Bud to talk about it.

Have a listen here;

I then told Bud about a company that 3D prints your head, to put on Lego! Amazing, haha.

More info on both can be found HERE and HERE.

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P.S. Over Christmas I treated myself to a PlayStation 4 and nabbed Fifa ’16, NHL’16 and then waited for the new Tom Clancy Rainbow Six:Siege. On Monday morning, and out of nowhere I got that one day ew. With that I had to book my first ever sick day in Canada. After a nap I’ll try and drink water and play, nope, the network was down! So my good friend Phil came over, took a snap I didn’t notice, and…


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