The World seems to have an obsession with owning pieces of celebrities. Memorabilia is one thing, but when people pay thousands of dollars for actual pieces of their DNA, it completely baffles me. What do they plan to do with it?!

A lock of David Bowie’s hair was auctioned off in Beverly Hills for almost $24,000(CAD). Who owned this hair? And how/why did they have it in the first place?!

David bowie wax

The owner was Wendy Farrier, who snipped off a piece of Bowie’s hair for a wax sculpture she was working on for Madame Tussauds in 1983. She had this piece of Bowie for 33 years in a frame and decided it was finally time to make some money off of it.

A piece of John Lennon’s DNA has recently been auctioned off too at Heritage Auctions for almost $54,000(CAD). It was a blood stained suit jacket that was worn by a man name Jay Hastings, who wore it the day Lennon was shot in 1980. He was a concierge working at The Dakota and used it to cover Lennon when he got shot.John lennon

The only logical reason I can come up with as to why someone would buy a lock of hair or a blood stained shirt, is that the person probably is working on a cloning machine in their basement and has greater plans…



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