A couple of years ago Jesse Boland moved in with me, that was hot on the coat tails of Towers and Trees lead singer, Adrian Chalifour. Since that day my musical ability has improved ten fold. Living among hugely passionate musicians, hearing them practice, formulate, repeat, and then its my turn in the jam space? Oh I got some ideas to push myself now! So fabulous, and I’m very thankful for their energy.

I just had a chat with Jesse about our living room last night, I got home to find a lot of, well, stuff!

So there’s some treats in store for Towers and Trees lovers soon, it seems.

Now last year I did well up a bit watching Jesse win the Victoria Drum Festival, Drumeo Drum Solo Contest. Here is his entry video.

Here’s what went down on the day.

This year Jesse has been invited to Day of Drum – Nanaimo Drum Festival, where he’ll be performing, discussing, sharing his drumming thoughts. Get at this guy, huge heart, massive drive, oh and a little talent too 😀

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